06.12.2020 – ONLINE: About conflict styles and negotiation power

This negotiation workshop helps you to reflect upon your own bargaining behaviour for more successful outcomes. If you behave intuitively in negotiations instead of strategically you need not be surprised at negative results. To succeed it is essential to get aware about the effect of different conflict styles – and how to built up negotiation power. This Workshop at the EAVE training program for producers in 2020 has a duration of 2 hours and is designed for groups up to 27 participants who are active in producing film and media. The negotiation course will held twice on December 6th. Participants will have to fill in a preparatory questionnaire prior to the course.

European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, EAVE,

is a professional training, project development and networking organization for audiovisual producers.

This negotiation workshop is part of a year long programme focused on three intensive weeks featuring professional development through working on the development of fiction, documentary and TV series projects. This negotiation workshop is part of the training programme that was originally scheduled in Croatia, December 5 – 12, 2020 and will now held online.

Working with a worldwide network of partners we are involved in programmes for producers in Europe, Russia, Latin America, the Arab world, Asia and Africa.