10.11.2018 – How To Network Effectively: Become A Pro In Building Working Nets For You!

‚Don’t act as a guest – act as a host’ – this is my motto when I spin my professional networks. I started 10 years ago building up a working net of 13 Universities in Hessen. Now I like to share with you my formula for successful networking. Have you  already an efficient network with contacts you can really rely on – in business and in life?

  • What are the secrets behind networking that turn networks into working nets?
  • How can even shy people succeed in small talks?
  • What’s the key question to identify a valuable contact from one that isn’t ?

After this workshop you’ll have not just the answers to these questions – but also a structure for your professional networking!

Learning objectives
In this workshop, you will be able to:

  • learn methods that simplify networking – for reserved people too
  • know how to introduce yourself so others can remember you
  • gain an insight into psychological and systemic background factors involved in networking
  • gain sovereignty in one’s contact with strangers
  • know the unwritten rules of networking.

Target group: International junior and senior students from all faculties and student members of the EBS Alumni Association. Application on the homepage of the EBS Alumni Association.

Saturday, 10.11.2018 – 10:00 to 18:00 hours

Venue: Campus EBS University, Campus Oestrich-Winkel

Apply here via EBS Alumni Logo EBS UniversityWebsite