19.+20.01.2023 – ONLINE: An introduction to crises management and -communication

When plans fail and your mind goes blank: This workshops gives you an introduction to crises management and -communication. The hands-on seminar in the GRADE programme of the Goethe University Frankfurt provides the possibility to experience a crises situation via a simulation – as well as actionable frameworks for understanding. Ensuing this exercise participants analyze case examples to get methods how to respond to crises in work-related environments.
Sooner or later, every one of us has to deal with crisis situations. Complex and international environments often make such situations even more difficult to deal with.
The cases presented in the seminar include various elements of cultural, psychological and social factors. The focus of the seminar is on a methodical, easy-to-use approach that helps participants understand what happens during a crisis and how those affected can make sense of it. This approach leaves a lot of room for maneuver for the course participants.

The online seminar is interactive. It uses:

  • an online simulation in which participants have to master a crisis in a playful way,
  • video examples, which are analyzed and evaluated in group discussions,
  • case studies – which are also provided by participants.

This workshop suits all levels of experience. Participants should bring an example of a crisis they have experienced to share with their colleagues.

Thursday 19th January 2023 | 9-12:30 |
& Friday 20th of January 2023 | 9-13:30 h |

Presentation training with Anja Henningsmeyer at Goethe Graduate Academy Frankfurt