20.03.2023 – How to negotiate effectively in your business.

This course is a one day negotiation training, especially designed for the women who take part in the Career-Building Programme of FEMTEC network. In 2023 it will be take place in Berlin in presence.

Course content:
• Major factors of persistent gender pay gaps
• Negotiation strategies and tactics
• Preparation of negotiations
• Understanding and applying leverage
• How to avoid main mistakes

After this negotiation course, the participants are enabled:
• to analyze and design strategies for negotiating, as well as
• Differences in the appearance of women and men in negotiation situations
• to recognize and meet these differences strategically
• to use negotiations as an essential element of strategic self-positioning.

Monday, 20th February 2023 | 9-17 hours |

Femtec GmbH was founded in 2001 by EAF Berlin and TU Berlin with the aim of connecting female STEM students in business and science and supporting them in their personal career development.