28.10.2016 – How to Negotiate Efficiently: Successful Strategies for International Students

In daily life we negotiate on numerous occasions: for prices, projects, our needs and many more. For successful negotiations it pays to know professional strategies and tactics. This 1-day seminar (in English language) is an introduction to the art of negotiation.

If you had a systematic approach to negotiation, which allows you to understand and reflect upon your personal negotiation style, if you knew how to adopt appropriate negotiation strategies and leverage – than you increase your power to achieve agreement on your own terms.

This seminar aims to expand your self-awareness and negotiation abilities. Film sequences from the US-series House of Cards will illustrate keys to successful negotiation.

Target group: International junior and senior students from all faculties.

  • Content of the seminar
    • Preparing for your negotiation
    • Negotiation strategy and tactics
    • How to avoid typical negotiation mistakes
    • Psychological factors in negotiation
  • Learning objectives
    • Understand your negotiation style, its strengths and weaknesses
    • Understand the psychology of influence based on 5 key factors
    • Use insights from the FBI and the latest neuro-scientific research to deal with stressful negotiations
    • Learn strategies and tactics – like agenda setting and creating deadlocks – to act flexible.

Friday, October, 28th 2016, 10 – 18 hours (sharp!) at Campus Westend, Seminarpavillon, Raum: SP 1.01. Please apply here.

Verhandlungsstrategien für Ihren Berufsalltag, Zwei-Tages-Seminar an der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt von Anja Henningsmeyer