26.+28.+28.08.2019 – The Art of Efficient Negotiation

In daily life, we negotiate on numerous occasions: for prices, projects, our needs and much more. You will increase your power to achieve satisfying agreements for all involved parties if you take a systematic approach to negotiation.

This includes understanding and reflecting upon your negotiation style and knowing how to implement various negotiation strategies.

This workshop aims to expand your awareness of negotiation abilities. Film sequences from the Netflix-series House of Cards will illustrate the main aspects of negotiation.

  • We will identify and analyze how to avoid typical negotiation mistakes,
  • we will get an idea about psychological factors in negotiation based on the latest neuroscientific research, and
  • we will look at the psychology of influence, based on five key factors.

This course is a 3 hours introduction to the art of efficient negotiation for all freshmen – and freshwomen – of Frankfurt School of Finance and Business 2019.

The workshops will take place on

-> August 26th, 13:15 to 16:30 hours
-> August 27th, 9:00 to 12:15 & 13:15 to 16:30 hours
-> August 28th, 19:00 to 12:15 hours.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Frankfurt

Der Instrumentenkoffer

„Worte kreieren Wirklichkeit.
Kommunikation ist unser wichtigstes Instrument zur Verständigung.
Deshalb ist es wichtig, dass dieses Instrument stets richtig gestimmt ist.“

Damit das möglich ist, habe ich aus meiner 20-jährigen Management Praxis einen  ganzen Koffer voller Instrumente zusammengestellt. Kommunikations-Instrumente für die verschiedensten Situationen unseres Berufslebens. Hier weiterlesen